Vol 9, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


Privacy as Invisibility: Pervasive Surveillance and the Privatization of Peer-to-Peer Systems PDF
Francesca Musiani 126-140
Selling You and Your Clicks: Examining the Audience Commodification of Google PDF
Hyunjin Kang, Matthew P. McAllister 141-153
Can Online Forums Be Designed to Empower Local Communities? PDF
Kerill Dunne 154-174
Consumer Protection in Cyberspace PDF
Oscar H. Gandy, Jr. 175-189
Neoliberalism in the Information Age, or Vice Versa? Global Citizenship, Technology, and Hegemonic Ideology PDF
Robert Neubauer 195-230
Communicative Informatics: An Active and Creative Audience Framework of Social Media PDF
Linda M. Gallant, Gloria M. Boone 231-246
Can Environmental Governance Benefit From an ICT-Social Capital Nexus in Civil Society? PDF
Subas P. Dhakal 551-565
Critical Surveillance Studies in the Information Society PDF
Thomas Allmer 566-592
Avatar: A Marxist Saga on the Far Distant Planet PDF
Yong Tang 657-667
From Seven Years to 360 Degrees: Primitive Accumulation, the Social Common, and the Contractual Lockdown of Recording Artists at the Threshold of Digitalization PDF
Matt Stahl 668-688
Social Networking and Transnational Capitalism PDF
David Kreps 689-701

Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)

Two New Critical Internet Studies-Books: Marcus Breen’s “Uprising” and Eran Fisher’s “Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age” PDF
Christian Fuchs 190-194
Critical Media and Communication Studies Today. A Conversation PDF
Christian Fuchs, Dwayne Winseck 247-271

Special Issue: ICTs and Society - A New Transdiscipline?

Introduction to the Special Issue ICTs and Society - A New Transdiscipline? What Kind of Academic Field Do We Need to Meet the Challenges of the Information Age? PDF
Joseph E. Brenner, Celina Raffl 593-597
Institutional Innovation: Re-invigorating the University through Transdisciplinary Engagement PDF
Gale Moore 598-609
Scientific Knowledge Management in Socio-environmental Systems Context PDF
Luiza Beth Nunes Alonso, Jean Sallantin, Edilson Ferneda, Dominique Luzeaux 610-623
Computer Science is not Enough PDF
John Bennett, Revi Sterling 624-631
Advantages, Challenges and New Frontiers in Using Information Communication Technologies in Societal and Social Movement Research PDF
Mayo Fuster Morell 632-643
Theorizing Citizenship in Late Modern ICT Societies PDF
Jakob Svensson 644-656
Toward Trust as Result. A Transdisciplinary Research Agenda for the ‘Future of the Internet’ PDF
Stefano De Paoli, GR Gangadharan, Aphra Kerr, Vincenzo D'Andrea 702-714

Special Issue: Towards a New Science of Information

Editorial to the Special Issue: Towards a New Science of Information – Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on the Foundations of Information Science, Beijing, August 21–24, 2010 PDF
Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Zong-Rong Li, Pedro C. Marijuán, Kang Ouyang 272-277
Towards a New Science of Information PDF
Dail Dewitt Doucette 278-285
Towards a Transdisciplinary Frame: Bridging Domains, a Multidimensional Approach to Information PDF
José María Díaz Nafría, Francisco Salto Alemany 286-294
Kinds of Information in Scientific Use PDF
John Collier 295-304
Exploring the Notion of Information: A Proposal for a Multifaced Understanding PDF
Miranda Kajtazi, Darek M. Haftor 305-315
Information Philosophy in China: Professor Wu Kun’s 30 Years of Academic Thinking in Information Philosophy PDF
Guowu Li 316-321
Four Ways of Thinking about Information PDF
Wolfgang Hofkrichner 322-331
Information in Reality: Logic and Metaphysics PDF
Joseph E. Brenner 332-341
Definition and Essence of Information PDF
Tian-qing Qiao 342-346
Information: Concept Clarification and Theoretical Representation PDF
Mark Burgin 347-357
Is Information a Sufficient Basis for Cognition? Part 1: Critique of Dretske’s Approach PDF
José María Díaz Nafría, Mario Pérez-Montoro 358-366
Is Information a Sufficient Basis for Cognition? Part 2: Physical Foundations PDF
José María Díaz Nafría, Mario Pérez-Montoro 367-376
Foundations for Science of Information: Reflection on the Method of Inquiry PDF
Marcin J. Schroeder 377-384
Physical Informatics – Information Methods of Natural Systems Research PDF
Igor Gurevich 385-395
How a Bacillus “Sees” the World: Information Needs and Signaling Resources of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis PDF
Jorge Navarro, Pedro C. Marijuán 396-403
New Science Building and Research: From Systems Biology to Theoretical Informatics PDF
Jun You, Zongrong Li 404-413
Autopoiesis, Observation and Informatics: Lessons from the Development of Autopoietic Systems Theory in Japan PDF
Wataru Hashimoto 414-423
The Relationship between Autopoiesis Theory and Biosemiotics: On Philosophical Suppositions as Bases for a New Information Theory PDF
Yohei Nishida 424-433
The Great Chains of Computing: Informatics at Multiple Scales PDF
Kevin Kirby, James Walden, Rudy Garns, Maureen Doyle 434-443
Towards an Ontology of Information and Succeeding Fundamentals in Computing Science PDF
Gerhard Luhn 444-453
Philosophy of Information and Fundamental Problems of Modern Informatics PDF
Konstantin Kolin 454-459
Social Informatics Today and Tomorrow: Status, Problems and Prospects of Development of Complex Lines in the Field of Science and Education PDF
Konstantin Kolin 460-465
Philosophical Issues of Education for the Information Society PDF
Vladimir Kinelev 466-472
Cognitive Sustainability in the Age of Digital Culture PDF
Luis Emilio Bruni 473-482
Reconstructing the Economy: A Methodological Journey from the Surface to the Essence and Back PDF
Peter Karl Fleissner 483-493
Abduction as Incomplete Parameter Estimation PDF
Moto Kamiura 494-501
Evolving Lattices for Analyzing Behavioral Dynamics of Characters in Literary Text PDF
Eugene S Kitamura, Yukio-Pegio Gunji 502-509
Analyzing Double Image Illusion through Double Indiscernibility and Lattice Theory PDF
Kohei Sonoda, Eugene S Kitamura, Iori Tani, Tomohiro Shirakawa, Yukio-Pegio Gunji 510-519
The Identity of Objects: Form & Nature in Digital Museums PDF
Jason T Hewitt 520-530
Computer-Mediated Communication Systems PDF
Bin Yu 531-534
Study on the Self–Growth of the Internet Communication System PDF
Yun-Feng Xia 535-542
Extraction of Information of Audio-Visual Contents PDF
Carlos Aguilar, Lydia Sánchez, Manuel Campos 543-550

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