Physical Informatics – Information Methods of Natural Systems Research

  • Igor Gurevich
Keywords: Modern Informatics, Physical Informatics, Information (Informatics) Laws


The work confirms the priority of information laws, which are the basis of physical informatics: the information laws (informatics laws) are defined and restrict the physical laws; the informatics laws have a general, universal character, and operate in all possible universes with different physical laws. Physical Informatics is the science of modern Information in physical and chemical systems, including Quantum Informatics, and is the basis for Informatics of the Living Systems.

Author Biography

Igor Gurevich
Igor Gurevich is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Informatics Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Doctor of Technical Sciences; the main designer for Hetnet Consulting Corp. Moscow, Russia; and a teacher in the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute. Scientific interests: Network of classical and quantum computers; Theoretical Informatics, Physical Informatics.
Special Issue: Towards a New Science of Information