Towards a New Science of Information

  • Dail Dewitt Doucette Science of Information Institute, Washington, DC USA
Keywords: Science of Information, Physical Sciences, Information Science, Transdisciplinary, Meta discipline, and New Academic Discipline


This paper suggests a New Information Paradigm and recommends the establishment of a new academic and scientific discipline to be titled "Science of Information", built on a premise that information is also a major part of all the universes, elements, systems, and conditions. Therefore, it is also an integral part of all the other individual disciplines and sciences. It is essential to look beyond the limitations of how humans use and perceive information, or even how other living organisms use information. It is proposed that information is a continuous evolving process, that exists in some simple to complex form in every stage of development, across all scientific and academic domains, as well as being a significant part of everything that exists. Information is a trigger mechanism, emphasis and nutrient, not only for information activities itself but also all physical, and biological elements, systems and activities. Each existing discipline has within it a significant core Informational Element, which helps formulate and define that discipline. The Science of Information will bring together these core information elements in order to correlate, compare and assemble a combined theoretical base. This new discipline should be established as a meta-discipline. It should exist equally with traditional discipline categories such as physical, social science, arts, and humanities. It should not compete with or replace other disciplines. It should stand alongside them and assist them, as well as conduct comparisons and consolidations amongst multiple disciplines regarding information theories, methodologies, practices, by adding new perspectives, resources and developments.

Author Biography

Dail Dewitt Doucette, Science of Information Institute, Washington, DC USA
Dail Doucette, a scientist and systems designer, works in the area of interoperability, interconnection of Information Science and Technology issues between different academic, federal government departments and research disciplines. He has taught advanced information theories and display systems for the Engineering School at the University of California at Los Angeles, the American University Center for Technology (Washington, D.C.), and the NATO Science division (Brussels, Belgium). He was guest lecturer on the information aspects of cultural anthropology at the University of Kyoto (Japan), the American University in Beirut, the University of Southern California (USC), Cambridge University (United Kingdom), and the Fulbright Scholarship recipients orientation program for west coast U.S. universities. He assisted in formation of a joint Masters and Ph.D. program between USC and the University of Teheran (Iran). He was also Executive Vice President of ComFac, a commercial telecommunications corporation. He is a long-time active member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, “Section T” (information, computing, and communications). He was an NGO delegate to the UNESCO World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, Switzerland in 2003, and the second session in Tunis, Tuni-sia, in 2005. He was a member of the committee that founded the Society of Information Display, helped start the World Future Association, and is assisting in establishing the Science of Information Institute.
Special Issue: Towards a New Science of Information