Study on the Self–Growth of the Internet Communication System

  • Yun-Feng Xia
Keywords: Internet, Internet communication, Internet communication system, self-organization, self-growth


In this essay, I mainly discuss the self-organizing property of the Internet communication system. As an important part of the human information communication system, Internet communication has progressively become a system with large scale, complex constructions, and perfect functions through the complicated interactions among many sub-systems and their elements. In this process, which is mainly promoted by Internet users, the self-growth of the Internet communica- tion system not only increases the amount of its sub-systems and its elements, it also strengthens its constructions and functions. At the same time, the self-growth of the Internet communication system indicates that the system is an evolving system with self-organizing property.

Author Biography

Yun-Feng Xia
Yun-Feng Xia is from China and graduated from Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and received the degree of Bachelor of Print- ing Engineering in 2007. Yun-Feng is currently a graduate student at the School of Publishing, Communication & Manage- ment, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, researching digital communication.
Special Issue: Towards a New Science of Information