Two New Critical Internet Studies-Books: Marcus Breen’s “Uprising” and Eran Fisher’s “Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age”

  • Christian Fuchs Uppsala University, Department of Informatics and Media
Keywords: Critical Internet Studies


This article is a review essay of two books:

* Breen, Marcus. 2011. Uprising. The Internet’s unintended consequences. Champaign, IL: Common Ground. ISBN 978-1-863-35866-8.
* Fisher, Eran. 2010. Media and new capitalism in the digital age. The spirit of networks. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-0-230-61607-3.




Author Biography

Christian Fuchs, Uppsala University, Department of Informatics and Media
Christian Fuchs is professor and chair in media and communication studies at Uppsala University's Department of Informatics and Media. He is board member of the Unified Theory of Information Research Group and editor of tripleC (cognition, communication, co-operation): Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society. He holds a venia docendi in the field of ICTs and society.
His research interests are: critical theory, social theory, media and society, ICTs and society, information society theory/research, political economy. He is author of many publications in these fields, including the books 'Internet and Society: Social Theory in the Information Age' (Routledge 2008), which presents a social theory of contemporary society with a special consideration of media, information, and technology, and the book 'Foundations of Critical Media and Information Studies' (Routledge 2011), which is an introduction to the theoretical and methodological foundations of critical media studies and critical information science.
He is co-ordinator of the research project 'Social Networking Sites in the Surveillance Society' (funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF) and management committee member of the EU COST Action 'Living in Surveillance Societies'.
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