Some Reflections on Manuel Castells’ Book “Communication Power”

  • Christian Fuchs ICT&S Center, University of Salzburg
Keywords: Manuel Castells, communication power, network society, review, reflections, Christian Fuchs, mass self-communication, web 2.0, informational capitalism, networking power, network power, networked power, network-making power, Communication


Manuel Castells deals in his book Communication Power with the question where power lies in the network society. In this paper, I discuss important issues that this book addresses, and connect them, where possible, to my own works and reflections. The book is discussed along the following lines: the concept of power, web 2.0 and mass self-communication, media manipulation, social movements, novelty & network society.

Author Biography

Christian Fuchs, ICT&S Center, University of Salzburg
Christian Fuchs is associate professor at the University of Salzburg. His research interests are: critical theory, social theory, media and society, ICTs and society, information society studies. He is author of the book 'Internet and Society: Social Theory in the Information Age' (Routledge 2008), which presents a social theory critique of contemporary society with a special consideration of media, information, and technology.