Vol 10, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Media and the Economic Crisis of the EU: The ‘Culturalization’ of a Systemic Crisis and Bild-Zeitung’s Framing of Greece PDF
Yiannis Mylonas 646-671
Fiat Auto: Industrial Relations Lost in Globalisation PDF
Paolo Caputo, Antonino Campenni, Elisabetta Della Corte 672-682
Facebook as a Surveillance Tool: From the Perspective of the User PDF
Ekaterina Petrovna Netchitailova 683-691
Dallas Smythe Today - The Audience Commodity, the Digital Labour Debate, Marxist Political Economy and Critical Theory. Prolegomena to a Digital Labour Theory of Value. PDF
Christian Fuchs 692-740
Freedom of Expression in Distributed Networks PDF
Ejvind Hansen 741-751
There is No Alternative: The Critical Potential of Alternative Media in the Face of Neoliberalism. PDF
Linus Andersson 752-764

Book Reviews

The “Austrian School of Critical Political Economy”? A Review of Thomas Allmer’s Book “Towards a Critical Theory of Surveillance in Informational Capitalism” PDF
Jernej Amon Prodnik 771-774

Marx is Back-The Importance of Marxist Theory and Research for Critical Comm. Studies Today, ed C. Fuchs & Vincent Mosco

Marx is Back - The Importance of Marxist Theory and Research for Critical Communication Studies Today (edited by Christian Fuchs and Vincent Mosco)
Introduction: Marx is Back – The Importance of Marxist Theory and Research for Critical Communication Studies Today PDF
Christian Fuchs, Vincent Mosco 127-140
Cultural Work as a Site of Struggle: Freelancers and Exploitation PDF
Nicole S. Cohen 141-155
Understanding Accumulation: The Relevance of Marx’s Theory of Primitive Accumulation in Media and Communication Studies PDF
Mattias Ekman 156-170
How Less Alienation Creates More Exploitation? Audience Labour on Social Network Sites. PDF
Eran Fisher 171-183
Against Commodification: The University, Cognitive Capitalism and Emergent Technologies PDF
Richard Hall, Bernd Stahl 184-202
“Means of Communication as Means of Production” Revisited PDF
William Henning James Hebblewhite 203-213
The Communication of Capital: Digital Media and the Logic of Acceleration PDF
Vincent R. Manzerolle, Atle Mikkola Kjøsen 214-229
Communication and Symbolic Capitalism. Rethinking Marxist Communication Theory in the Light of the Information Society PDF
George Pleios 230-252
The Network’s Blindspot: Exclusion, Exploitation and Marx’s Process-Relational Ontology PDF
Robert Prey 253-273
A Note on the Ongoing Processes of Commodification: From the Audience Commodity to the Social Factory PDF
Jernej Prodnik 274-301
The Internet and “Frictionless Capitalism” PDF
Jens Schröter 302-312
Digital Marx: Toward a Political Economy of Distributed Media PDF
Andreas Wittel 313-333
Marxist Theory in Critical Transitions: The Democratization of the Media in Post-Neoliberal Argentina PDF
Pablo Castagno 334-348
Missing Marx: The Place of Marx in Current Communication Research and the Place of Communication in Marx’s Work PDF
İrfan Erdogan 349-391
Towards Marxian Internet Studies PDF
Christian Fuchs 392-412
Did Somebody Say Neoliberalism? On the Uses and Limitations of a Critical Concept in Media and Communication Studies PDF
Christian Garland, Stephen Harper 413-424
The Coolness of Capitalism Today PDF
Jim McGuigan 425-438
Dialectical Method and the Critical Political Economy of Culture PDF
Brice Nixon 439-456
“Feminism” as Ideology: Sarah Palin’s Anti-feminist Feminism and Ideology Critique PDF
Michelle Rodino-Colocino 457-473
Systemic Propaganda as Ideology and Productive Exchange PDF
Gerald Sussman 474-487
‘A Workers’ Inquiry 2.0’: An Ethnographic Method for the Study of Produsage in Social Media Contexts PDF
Brian Brown, Anabel Quan-Haase 488-508
The Pastoral Power of Technology. Rethinking Alienation in Digital Culture PDF
Katarina Giritli Nygren, Katarina L Gidlund 509-517
Social Media, Mediation and the Arab Revolutions PDF
Miriyam Aouragh 518-536
21st Century Socialism: Making a State for Revolution PDF
Lee Artz 537-554
Updating Marx’s Concept of Alternatives PDF
Peter Ludes 555-569
Marx is Back, But Which One? On Knowledge Labour and Media Practice PDF
Vincent Mosco 570-576
The Enclosure and Alienation of Academic Publishing: Lessons for the Professoriate PDF
Wilhelm Peekhaus 577-599
The Problem of Privacy in Capitalism and the Alternative Social Networking Site Diaspora* PDF
Sebastian Sevignani 600-617
Marx As Journalist: Revisiting The Free Speech Debate PDF
Padmaja Shaw 618-632

Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)

With or Without Marx? With or Without Capitalism? A Rejoinder to Adam Arvidsson and Eleanor Colleoni. PDF
Christian Fuchs 633-645
Social Media and the Dialectic of Enlightenment PDF
Henrik Juel 765-770
Some Reflections on Manuel Castells’ Book "Networks of Outrage and Hope. Social Movements in the Internet Age". PDF
Christian Fuchs 775-797

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