Vol 4, No 2 (2006)

Special Issue: Selected Papers From ECAP 2005 - European Computing and Philosophy Conference 2005

Table of Contents


Inference Rules, Emergent Wholes and Supervenient PDF
Ingvar Johansson 127-135
Some Assumptions about Problem Solving Representation in Turing’s Model of Intelligence PDF
Raymundo Morado, Francisco Hernández-Quiroz 136-142
The Genesis of Representation PDF
W. A. Cameron 143-146
The April Fool Turing Test PDF
Mark S. Dougherty, Sofi Hemgren Dougherty, Jerker Westin 147-166
Approaching Artificial Intelligence for Games – the Turing Test revisited PDF
Jenny Eriksson Lundström, Stefan Karlsson 167-171
Available information — preparatory note for a theory of information space PDF
Lars-Erik Janlert 172-177
Memory versus logic: two models of organizing information and their influences on web retrieval strategies PDF
Teresa Numerico 178-186
Commonsense Spatial Reasoning: an Informational Perspective PDF
Stefania Bandini, Gianluca Colombo, Alessandro Mosca, Matteo Palmonari 187-194
Machinery, Intelligence and Our Intentionality. Grounds for Establishing Paradoxical Discourses PDF
Colin T. A. Schmidt 195-201
The Cognitive Management of E-Testimony PDF
Saul Traiger 202-208
Choosing between different AI approaches? The scientific benefits of the confrontation, and the new collaborative era between humans and machines PDF
Jordi Vallverdú 209-216
Error-correcting codes and genetics PDF
Gérard Battail 217-229
The Internet as a Moral Mediator. The Quest for Democracy PDF
Emanuele Bardone, Lorenzo Magnani 230-238
Autonomy and Morality in DRM and Anti-Circumvention Law PDF
Dan L. Burk, Tarleton Gillespie 239-245
Expected Influence of Ethics on Product Development Process PDF
Stig Larsson 246-253
Artificial Intelligence and Moral intelligence PDF
Laura Pana 254-264
Information Structure Representation And Extraction From A Corpus Of Patient Data, Using An Ontology PDF
Christian Cote 265-276
Symbolic Machine Learning: A Different Answer to the Problem of the Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge from Corpora Untitled () PDF
Pascale Sébillot 277-283
A.L.I.C.E.: an ACE in Digitaland PDF
Huma Shah 284-292
Interpretations of Ontologies for Breast Cancer PDF
Srinandan Dasmahapatra, Kieron O’Hara 293-303
Overcoming the socio-technical divide: A long-term source of hope in feminist studies of computer science PDF
Corinna Bath 304-315
What does it mean to Know Computer Science? Perspectives from Gender Research PDF
Christina Björkman, Lena Trojer 316-327
Testing Reasoning Software. A Bayesian Way PDF
Bertil Rolf 328-332


Special Issue ECAP 2005 Editorial Untitled () PDF
Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Susan Stuart i-ii

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