Choosing between different AI approaches? The scientific benefits of the confrontation, and the new collaborative era between humans and machines

  • Jordi Vallverdú Philosophy Department, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Keywords: AI, e-Science, epistemology, grids, information


AI is a multidisciplinary activity that involves specialists from several fields, and we can say that the aim of science, and AI science, is solving problems. AI and computer sciences are been creating a new kind of making science, that we can call in silico science. Both models top-eown and bottomup are useful for e-scientific research. There is no a real controversy between them. Besides, the extended mind model of human cognition, involves human-machine interactions. Huge amount of data requires new ways to make and organize scientific practices: supercomputers, grids, distributed computing, specific software and middleware and, basically, more efficient and visual ways to interact with information. This is one of the key points to understand contemporary relationships between humans and machines: usability of scientific data.