tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society

tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society provides a forum to discuss the challenges humanity is facing in the information society today.

It promotes contributions within an emerging science of the information society with a special interest in critical studies following the highest standards of peer review.

It is a journal that focuses on information society studies and studies of media, digital media, information and communication in society with a special interest in critical studies in these thematic areas.

The journal has a special interest in disseminating articles that focus on the role of information (cognition/knowledge, communication, cooperation) in contemporary capitalist societies. For this task, articles should employ critical theories and/or empirical research inspired by critical theories and/or philosophy and ethics guided by critical thinking as well as relate the analysis to power structures and inequalities of capitalism, especially forms of stratification such as class, racist and other ideologies and capitalist patriarchy.

Papers should reflect on how the presented findings contribute to the illumination of conditions that foster or hinder the advancement of a global sustainable and participatory information society.

It is the journal´s mission to encourage uncommon sense, fresh perspectives and unconventional ideas, and connect leading thinkers and young scholars in inspiring reflections.

tripleC is a transdisciplinary journal that is open to contributions from all disciplines and approaches that critically and with a focus on power structures analyze the role of cognition, communication, cooperation, information, media, digital media and communication in the information society.

We are especially interested in how analyses relate to normative, political and critical dimensions of the information society and how they help illuminating conditions that foster or hinder the advancement of a global sustainable, inclusive and participatory information society.

We accept articles from all disciplines and combinations of disciplines carried out with any type of methods that focus on topics relating to the role of information, media, digital media and communication in contemporary society, politics, culture, and economy and the interrelation of humans and technology. We publish both theoretical and empirical research.

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New special issue published: Philosophers of the World Unite! Theorising Digital Labour and Virtual Work

Special issue: Philosophers of the World Unite! Theorising Digital Labour and Virtual Work - Definitions, Dimensions and Forms

Edited by Marisol Sandoval, Christian Fuchs, Jernej A. Prodnik, Sebastian Sevignani, Thomas Allmer

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News: Sign the 2014 Vienna Declaration on Freedom of Information

tripleC supports the Vienna Declaration on Freedom of Information that calls for "critical, alternative, independent and public service media with adequate resources, help establishing a resource-base for alternative Internet, social media, software and open access projects, and limit the dominance of advertising culture in the media and on the Internet"

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Vol 13, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


The Commodification of the Couch: A Dialectical Analysis of Hospitality Exchange Platforms PDF HTML
Simon Schöpf 11–34
Media and the Geographies of Climate Justice: Indigenous Peoples, Nature and the Geopolitics of Climate Change PDF HTML
Anna Roosvall, Matthew Tegelberg 39–54
The Machinic Temporality of Metadata PDF HTML
Claudio Celis 101–111
(In)tangible Arguments about Play, Creativity, and the Political Economy of 3D Printing: The Free Universal Construction Kit PDF HTML
Jan Løhmann Stephensen, Lone Koefoed Hansen 112–135
Like a Fraction of Some Bigger Place—The “Creative Industries” in a Peripheral Zone: Reflections from a Case Study PDF HTML
Jacob Thomas Matthews 144–162

Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)

Left-Wing Media Politics and the Advertising Tax. Reflections on Astra Taylor’s Book “The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age” PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 1–4
Framing the Poor: Media Illiteracy, Stereotyping, and Contextual Fallacy to Spin the Crisis PDF HTML MP3
Christian Garland 5–10
Media, Art and Politics: The Centenary of the First World War in Britain MPG
Peter Goodwin
The Subject Supposed to LOL: Slavoj Žižek and the Event of the Internet MP3
Clint Burnham
Comradely Greetings: The Prison Letters of Nadya and Slavoj PDF HTML
Marco Briziarelli 35–38
Communicating Protest Movements: The Case of Occupy MP3
Anastasia Kavada
Martin Heidegger’s Anti-Semitism: Philosophy of Technology and the Media in the Light of the "Black Notebooks". Implications for the Reception of Heidegger in Media and Communication Studies PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 55–78
Media Policy Fetishism MPG
Des Freedman
Digitalisation and Labour: A Rejoinder to Christian Fuchs PDF HTML
César Ricardo Siqueira Bolaño 79–83
Digital Labour: A Comment on César Bolaño’s tripleC-Reflection PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 84–92
Against Educational Technology in the Neoliberal University MPG
Richard Hall
Anti-Semitism, Anti-Marxism, and Technophobia: The Fourth Volume of Martin Heidegger’s Black Notebooks (1942–1948) PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 93–100
Co-operatives in the Cultural Industries MPG
Marisol Sandoval, Jo Littler, Robin Murray, Rhiannon Colvin, Sion Whellens, Tara Mulqueen
Review: Ecology of Virtual Realities PDF HTML
Assen Dimitrov 136–143
Reflections on Todd Wolfson’s Book “Digital Rebellion: The Birth of the Cyber Left” PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 163–168

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