Introduction: Critical Visual Theory

  • Peter Ludes Jacobs University Bremen
  • Winfried Nöth Catholic University of Sao Paulo
  • Kathrin Fahlenbrach University of Hamburg
Keywords: Critical Visual Theory, Visual Communication, Digital Cultures, Protest, Semiotics, Visual Discourse, Collective Memories, Gendered Gazes, Visual Capitalism


The studies selected for publication in this special issue on Critical Visual Theory can be divided into three thematic groups: (1) image making as power making, (2) commodification and recanonization, and (3) approaches to critical visual theory. The approaches to critical visual theory adopted by the authors of this issue may be subsumed under the following headings (3.1) critical visual discourse and visual memes in general and Anonymous visual discourse in particular, (3.2) collective memory and gendered gaze, and (3.3) visual capitalism, global north and south.
Special Issue: Critical Visual Theory