Vol 14, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Skip the (Capitalist) Intermediaries: Freedom, Democracy, and Participation in the Economy and Culture PDF HTML
Forrest Perry 1–17
The Media Industry’s Structural Transformation in Capitalism and the Role of the State: Media Economics in the Age of Digital Communications PDF HTML
Manfred Knoche 18–47
Towards a (De)centralization-Based Typology of Peer Production PDF HTML
Melanie Dulong de Rosnay, Francesca Musiani 189–207
Access, Resources, and Classes in the History of Capitalism: A Theory of Social Stratification from a Cognitive Materialist Perspective PDF HTML
Mariano Zukerfeld, Guillermina Yansen 208–231
Invisible Play and Invisible Game: Video Game Testers or The Unsung Heroes of Knowledge Working PDF HTML
Marco Briziarelli 249–259
Socialisme ou Barbarie: From Castoriadis’ Project of Individual and Collective Autonomy to the Collaborative Commons PDF HTML
Evangelos Papadimitropoulos 265-278
Class Struggle in Contemporary Films: "Hunger Games" vs. "Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon" PDF HTML
Dal Yong Jin 279–291
Ernesto Laclau and Critical Media Studies: Marxism, Capitalism, and Critique PDF HTML
Jannick Schou 292–311
Knowledge Workers, Identities, and Communication Practices: Understanding Code Farmers in China PDF HTML
Sophie Sun Ping, Michelangelo Magasic 312–332
Piracy as Labour Struggle PDF HTML
Gavin Mueller 333–345

Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)

Making Media Studies MPG
David Gauntlett
Neoliberalism in Britain: From Thatcherism to Cameronism HTML PDF
Christian Fuchs 163–188
Henryk Grossmann 2.0: A Critique of Paul Mason’s Book “PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future” PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 232–243
When Will Greece Get its Money back from Germany? Reflections on Yanis Varoufakis’ New Book PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 244–248
Reflections on Phishing for Phools – The Economics of Manipulation and Deception PDF HTML
Thomas Klikauer 260–264

Special section: The Materiality of the Immaterial: ICTs and the Digital Commons

Andreas Roos, Vasilis Kostakis, Christos Giotitsas
Introduction: The Materiality of the Immaterial: ICTs and the Digital Commons PDF
Andreas Roos, Vasilis Kostakis, Christos Giotitsas 48–50
Introducing a Taxonomy of the “Smart City”: Towards a Commons-Oriented Approach? PDF
Vasilis Niaros 51–61
The Real World of the Decentralized Autonomous Society PDF
J.Z. Garrod 62–77
Monetary Materialities of Peer-Produced Knowledge: The Case of Wikipedia and Its Tensions with Paid Labour PDF
Arwid Lund, Juhana Venäläinen 78–98
Beyond the Screen: Uneven Geographies, Digital Labour, and the City of Cognitive-Cultural Capitalism PDF
Dillon Mahmoudi, Anthony Levenda 99–120
The Materialist Circuits and the Quest for Environmental Justice in ICT’s Global Expansion PDF
Sibo Chen 121–131
Commons, Piracy and the Crisis of Property PDF
James Arvanitakis, Martin Fredriksson 132–144
Following the Open-Source Trail Outside the Digital World: The Case of Open-Source Seeds PDF
Elsa Tsioumani, Mike Muzurakis, Yannis Ieropoulos, Asterios Tsioumanis 145–162

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