Vol 10, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Amateur Creation and Entrepreneurialism: A Critical Study of Artistic Production in Post-Fordist Structures PDF
Yiannis Mylonas 1-11
Suturing Working Class Subjectivities: Media Mobilizing Project and the Role of Media Building a Class-Based Social Movement PDF
Peter Funke, Chris Robe, Todd Wolfson 16-29
Persona Rights for User-Generated Content: A Normative Framework for Privacy and Intellectual Property Regulation PDF
Tamara Shepherd 100-113

Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)

Social Science and Life on the Move: Reflexive Considerations PDF
Charalambos Tsekeris 12-15
Toward a Critique of Surveillance in the Age of the Internet: A Reflection on the “Internet and Surveillance” Volume Edited by Fuchs, Boersma, Albrechtslund, and Sandoval PDF
Jernej Prodnik 92-99
New Marxian Times! Reflections on the 4th ICTs and Society Conference “Critique, Democracy and Philosophy in 21st Century Information Society. Towards Critical Theories of Social Media”. PDF
Christian Fuchs 114-121
Reconsidering Social Dynamics: Fundamentality and Social Simulations PDF
Ioannis Katerelos, Charalambos Tsekeris 122-125
Review: Migration and New Media: Transnational Families and Polymedia (Mirca Madianou and Daniel Miller) PDF
Becky Faith 126-127

"Critical Theory and Political Economy of the Internet @ Nordmedia 2011" (ed. Christian Fuchs, Göran Bolin)

Introduction to the Special Section “Critical Theory and Political Economy of the Internet (Nordmedia 2011)” PDF
Christian Fuchs, Göran Bolin 30-32
The Forms of Value: Problems of Convertibility in Field Theory PDF
Göran Bolin 33-41
Google Capitalism PDF
Christian Fuchs 42-48
Reinforcing Property by Strengthening the Commons: A New Media Policy Paradigm? PDF
Peter Jakobsson, Fredrik Stiernstedt 49-55
Which Alternative? A Critical Analysis of YouTube-Comments in Anti-Fascist Protest PDF
Christina Neumayer 56-65
Atoms Want to Be Free Too! Expanding the Critique of Intellectual Property to Physical Goods PDF
Johan Söderberg, Adel Daoud 66-76
Facebook as a Digital Public Sphere: Processes of Colonization and Emancipation PDF
Bjarki Valtysson 77-91

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