Social Science and Life on the Move: Reflexive Considerations

  • Charalambos Tsekeris Athens Panteion University
Keywords: Knowledge, Reflexivity, Social Theory, Epistemology, Chaos


Sociology and society are undoubtedly on the move. The present concise reflection seeks to comprehensively elaborate on both the social science and the social life within the contemporary dynamical world environment. In this context, brief elaborations are formulated on the complicated issue of technoscientific knowledge and its implications, as well as on a sustainable analytic framework for generating and developing further critical sociological and epistemological considerations about human agency and reflexivity.

Author Biography

Charalambos Tsekeris, Athens Panteion University
Charalambos Tsekeris graduated with Distinction from Brunel University (West London, UK) and earned his doctoral degree in Reflexivity from Athens Panteion University (Department of Sociology). He is Member of the Hellenic Sociological Society (HSS) and Senior Researcher at the Lab of Virtual Reality, Internet Research & E-Learning, Department of Psychology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece. His research interests involve human complex systems, psychosocial studies, epistemology, and social theory.
Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)