Vol 13, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents

Special issue: Interrogating Internships

Interrogating Internships: Unpaid Work, Creative Industries, and Higher Education, Edited By: Greig de Peuter, Nicole S. Cohen, and Enda Brophy
Introduction PDF
Greig de Peuter, Nicole S. Cohen, Enda Brophy 329-335

Interrogating Internships: Conceptualizing Internships

Media and Cultural Industries Internships: A Thematic Review and Digital Labor Parallels PDF
Thomas Corrigan 336-350
From Apprenticeship to Internship: The Social and Legal Antecedents of the Intern Economy PDF
Alexandre Frenette 351-360
Interning and Investing: Rethinking Unpaid Work, Social Capital, and the “Human Capital Regime” PDF
Sophie Hope, Joanna Figiel 361-374
What Killed Moritz Erhardt? Internships and the Cultural Dangers of “Positive” Ideas PDF
Bogdan Costea, Peter Watt, Kostas Amiridis 375-389

Interrogating Internships: Internships and Creative Industries

Under the Cloak of Whiteness: A Circuit of Culture Analysis of Opportunity Hoarding and Colour-blind Racism Inside US Advertising Internship Programs PDF
Christopher Boulton 390-403
Reality TV’s Embrace of the Intern PDF
Tanner Mirrlees 404-422
Expo Milano 2015: The Institutionalization of Working for Free in Italy PDF
Roberto Ciccarelli 423-427
A History of Internships at CBC Television News PDF
Marlene Murphy 428-437
(De)valuing Intern Labour: Journalism Internship Pay Rates and Collective Representation in Canada PDF
Errol Salamon 438-458
Internships, Workfare, and the Cultural Industries: A British Perspective PDF
David Lee 459-470

Interrogating Internships: Internships and Higher Education

Nothing for Money and Your Work for Free: Internships and the Marketing of Higher Education PDF
Mara Einstein 471-485
“You Kind of Have to Bite the Bullet and do Bitch Work”: How Internships Teach Students to Unthink Exploitation in Public Relations PDF
Michelle Rodino-Colocino, Stephanie N. Berberick 486-500
Negotiating Educated Subjectivity: Intern Labour and Higher Education in Hong Kong PDF
Iam-chong Ip 501-508
Interrogating Course-Related Public Interest Internships in Communications PDF
Sandra Smeltzer 509-525
Educating the Precariat: Intern Labour and a Renewed Approach to Media Literacy Education PDF
Doug Tewksbury 526-532
Unwaged Posts in UK Universities: Controversies and Campaigns PDF
Kirsten Forkert, Ana Lopes 533-553

Interrogating Internships: Intern Labour Activism

Art Struggles: Confronting Internships and Unpaid Labour in Contemporary Art PDF
Panos Kompatsiaris 554-566
Report on Intern Rights Advocacy in 2013-2014 PDF
Intern Labor Rights 567-578
Ontario Interns Fight Back: Modes of Resistance Against Unpaid Internships PDF
William Webb 579-586
Challenging Intern Nation: A Roundtable with Intern Labour Activists in Canada PDF
Nicole Cohen, Greig de Peuter 587-598
Exploited for a Good Cause? Campaigning Against Unpaid Internships in the UK Charity Sector PDF
Vera Weghmann 599-602


The Digital Spatial Fix PDF HTML
Daniel Marcus Greene, Daniel Joseph 223–247
Austerity discourses in "Der Spiegel" magazine, 2009-2014 PDF HTML
Yiannis Mylonas 248–269
Anti-Neoliberal Neoliberalism: Post-Socialism and Bulgaria’s “Ataka” Party PDF HTML
Martin Marinos 274–297
Base, Superstructure and the Irish Property Crash—Towards a Crisis Theory of Communications PDF HTML
Henry Silke 298–320

Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)

On Dallas Smythe’s “Audience Commodity”: An Interview with Lee McGuigan and Vincent Manzerolle PDF HTML
Henry Adam Svec 270–273
Media and Information Technology in Ten Years’ Time: A Society of Control Both from Above and Below, and From Outside and Inside PDF HTML
Jörg Becker 321–328

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