Vol 15, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Critical Theory Interventions on Authoritarianism and Right-Wing Extremist Ideology in Contemporary Capitalism

Donald Trump: A Critical Theory-Perspective on Authoritarian Capitalism PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 1-72
Past the Post?: Screening Progress and Fascism's Return PDF HTML
David A Gerstner 73-81


Social Democratic and Critical Theories of the Intellectual Commons: A Critical Analysis PDF HTML
Antonios Broumas 100-126
Cloud & Crowd: New Challenges for Labour in the Digital Society PDF HTML
Andreas Boes, Tobias Kämpf, Thomas Lühr, Barbara Langes, Alexander Ziegler 132-147
Media Matter PDF HTML
Holger Pötzsch 148-170
Fetishism or Ideology? A Contribution to the Political Economy of Television PDF HTML
Noam Yuran 171-190
Workplace Suicide and States of Denial: The France Telecom and Foxconn Cases Compared PDF HTML
Sarah Waters 191-213

Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)

tripleC-Interview with Kerem Schamberger about Occupational Bans, Left-Wing Communication Studies and Critique of German Academia PDF HTML
Kerem Schamberger 82-90
tripleC-Interview mit Kerem Schamberger über Berufsverbote, linke Kommunikationswissenschaft und Kritik an der deutschen Wissenschaftslandschaft PDF HTML
Kerem Schamberger 91-99
The Trapped Critique of Critical Media Practices in Protest Movements: A Review of Anne Kaun’s “Crisis and Critique” PDF HTML
Yu Xiang 127-131

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