Vol 13, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


The Commodification of the Couch: A Dialectical Analysis of Hospitality Exchange Platforms PDF HTML
Simon Schöpf 11–34
Media and the Geographies of Climate Justice: Indigenous Peoples, Nature and the Geopolitics of Climate Change PDF HTML
Anna Roosvall, Matthew Tegelberg 39–54

Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)

Left-Wing Media Politics and the Advertising Tax. Reflections on Astra Taylor’s Book “The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age” PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 1–4
Framing the Poor: Media Illiteracy, Stereotyping, and Contextual Fallacy to Spin the Crisis PDF HTML MP3
Christian Garland 5–10
Media, Art and Politics: The Centenary of the First World War in Britain MPG
Peter Goodwin
The Subject Supposed to LOL: Slavoj Žižek and the Event of the Internet MP3
Clint Burnham
Comradely Greetings: The Prison Letters of Nadya and Slavoj PDF HTML
Marco Briziarelli 35–38
Communicating Protest Movements: The Case of Occupy MP3
Anastasia Kavada
Martin Heidegger’s Anti-Semitism: Philosophy of Technology and the Media in the Light of the "Black Notebooks". Implications for the Reception of Heidegger in Media and Communication Studies PDF HTML
Christian Fuchs 55–78

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