Philosophical Foundations for Democracy: A Ukrainian Perspective

  • Yuriy Myelkov Charity Organizaion Center for Practical Philosophy
  • Anatoliy Tolstoukhov Charity Organizaion Center for Practical Philosophy
Keywords: democratization, democracy, Ukraine, personality, values, Orange Revolution


The article intends to conduct a philosophical analysis of democracy as it is presented by democratization processes in societies under globalization. Turbulent political life or contemporary Ukraine with its recent ‘revolution’ provides an excellent example of such a process. The authors demonstrate that the processes in question could be denoted as rather manipulation and political technologies than democratic transition. They argue that democracy can only be understood correctly as the self-organization of society composed of free and conscious human personalities. They show that personality as the subject of democracy, opposed to crowds led by contemporary demagogues, is the only possibility to achieve real changes for a better society.