Customer Relationship Malevolence: A Reflection on Accounting, Marketing and Customer Valuation

  • Kenneth Weir University of Leicester
Keywords: Customer Valuation, Customer Management, Commodification, Marginalisation


Ideas centring on knowing and understanding the customer have been core concerns of business since the 1960s. As a result, several attempts to understand the customer have been devised, leading to the generation of data collection systems and calculative technologies that try to provide numerical understanding of the customer, which now lies at the heart of contemporary customer management schemes. However, these technologies can produce several social consequences. This paper discusses valuation metrics used in customer management systems and outlines the negative issues that can result from widespread usage.

Author Biography

Kenneth Weir, University of Leicester

Kenneth Weir

is a lecturer in accounting at the University of Leicester, and is a member of its Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy. His current research focuses on two areas: the emergence of accounting techniques, and the nature of academic publishing.

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