On Becoming an Exchange: Translating Michel Callon into a Political Economy of Communication

  • Micky Lee Suffolk University
Keywords: Michel Callon, Political Economy of Information, Financial Information, Trading Technologies, Nasdaq.


Financial technology and information are more than economic stimuli and commodities, and hence political economists ought to look beyond their discipline to understand the multi-faceted nature of information and technology. Using a case study of trading technologies of Nasdaq stocks prior to the dot-com boom, this paper argues that Michel Callon's writings lend insight to political economists. Three key terms of Callon (Actor-Network Theory; framing: metrology and calculation; and performative economics) are applied to analyse Nasdaq. We suggest how Callon's key terms help understand the dialectics of critical theories. However, Callon's dismissal of capitalism as a macro structure requires political economists' critical appraisal.

Author Biography

Micky Lee, Suffolk University
Micky Lee (PhD Oregon) is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at Suffolk University, Boston. She has published more than fifteen journal articles on feminist political economy; telecommunications; new information and communication technologies; and media, information, and finance.