Work and Labour as Metonymy and Metaphor

  • Olivier Frayssé Université Paris Sorbonne
Keywords: work, labour, metonymy, metaphor, subtext, cognitive linguistics, Adam Smith, Marxism,


This paper proposes to use the tools of literary analysis (the reference to subtexts) and of linguistics (metaphor and metonymy) to shed light on the work/labour controversy and, beyond that, to map the galaxy of representations of work/labour through a study of the meanings associated with work/labour in several languages. It aims to provide a set of theoretical tools that can be used to find a common language in order to discuss digital work/labour issues as a subcategory of work/labour issues in general.

Author Biography

Olivier Frayssé, Université Paris Sorbonne
Department of English. Head of the Department.
Philosophers of the World Unite! Theorising Digital Labour and Virtual Work - Definitions, Dimensions and Forms