Information – is it Subjective or Objective?

  • Andrzej Stanislaw Zaliwski IUNG-PIB Pulawy, Poland
Keywords: information, theory, ontological category, definition, acquisition, processing


The article deals first with the problems of defining information. It is concluded that it is a misunderstanding to take a term and then to look for a definition. Rather a different way ought to be taken: to find the phenomenon first and then assign a name to it. The view that information is the same thing as a structure is considered. Then the processes by which information is created are analyzed. The definition that information is detected difference is closely scrutinized and it is found that information can also be detected sameness. It is argued that information is relative to the observer and for the very reason of the way it is created it is subjective. That extends only to information acquired. The existence of subjective information, however, does not prove information cannot exist objectively.

Author Biography

Andrzej Stanislaw Zaliwski, IUNG-PIB Pulawy, Poland
Andrzej S. Zaliwski is a researcher at the Department of Agrometeorology and Applied Informatics at the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Pulawy, Poland.