3rd ICTs and Society Meeting; Paper Session - Theorizing the Internet; Paper 3: How to defend the original, multi-criteria theories of Information Society?

  • Laszlo Z. Karvalics University of Szeged
Keywords: Information Society, Frank Webster, multi-criteria theories, historicity


To summarize and illustrate Frank Webster’s main theses and arguments on the Information Society domain, we used three pieces of his oeuvre, forming theses (T1-9) from his strong statements. Before a more detailed analysis we passionately argue against these theses. In our view the original concept of Information Society is complex and holistic, and was formulated on civilization theory level. The only methodologically acceptable approach is the multi-criteria definition. Since Webster constantly refuses to accept it, and insists on using an information density-based definition instead of it, all his main statements become false.

Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)