Information als Prozess

  • Diether Elstner
Keywords: nformation, Organisation, Capurrosches Trilemma, Informationssystem, Kommunikation


 A unified definition of the phenomenon information is not possible at present, because of the enormous number of different views. The situation is increased by the 'Capurro‘s trilemma' which postulates the logical impossibility of a unified concept of information. There are two approaches in the literature, which aim to solve the trilemma. The first approach avoids collision with the trilemma through the introduction of a generalized parameter to form rules of language for information systems. The second approach is understood as a draft of a generalized understanding of information within a yet to be developed unified information science. This article presents the approach of understanding information as an instantaneous process, which effects changes in systems. These changes must be captured and reproduced by the organization of the system, otherwise they get lost by fluctuations. Information in this reductionist conception is possible in each system, under the assumption, that it has several stable states, which alternatively may be assumed by the system . The 'Capurro‘s trilemma' is negated.
Reflections (Non Peer-Reviewed)