How are women fostering home Internet adoption? A study of home-based female Internet users in Bangladesh

  • Naziat Choudhury University of Rajshahi, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
Keywords: Women, Internet, Bangladesh, Communication, Domestication, Decision-making


This study proposes to investigate what role women are playing in bringing the Internet to the home in Bangladesh. Home-based female Internet users are focused upon herein. This study is based on the appropriation phase of the domestication of technology theory and the model of becoming an Internet user. Semi-structured interviews are conducted among sixteen participants. The central theme of this study is to understand how women participate in the decision-making process associated with Internet adoption. The Internet is brought home for many interesting reasons. Through the Internet some women are making an effort to voice their concerns and thus bring changes to their own and their families’ lives. Thus
this study offers an in-depth look at home-based women Internet users in Bangladesh.

Author Biography

Naziat Choudhury, University of Rajshahi, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
Naziat Choudhury obtained an MA degree from the University of Calgary, Canada. Currently she is teaching mass commu-nication and journalism in Bangladesh. Her research interest areas are cyber-activism, online social networking, online relationships, and Internet use in developing countries.