Mission Impossible? A Review of Kylie Jarrett’s Book "Digital Labor"

  • Peter Goodwin CAMRI, University of Westminster
Keywords: digital labour, alienation, labour process, commodification, exploitation


This article reviews Kylie Jarrett’s new book Digital Labor (2022. Cambridge: Polity Press).  Jarrett develops a precise definition of digital labour to meet the objection that the term has been over-extended. This article argues that, despite much thought-provoking analysis of the different categories included in her definition and imaginative attempts to link them, the book fails to establish that digital labour in an extended sense has any distinct meaning separate from more general developments in work in contemporary capitalism.

Author Biography

Peter Goodwin, CAMRI, University of Westminster

Peter Goodwin is a Principal Research Fellow in CAMRI, the Communication and Media Research Institute, at the University of Westminster, UK. He has published on media policy, public service media and the political economy of communication.

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