A critical analysis of information society conceptualizations from an STS point of view

  • Eduard Aibar Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: ICT and society, theoretical models, technological determinism, users, information society


Science and Technology Studies (STS) have developed over the last four decades very rich and deep analysis of the interaction between science, technology and society. This paper uses some STS theoretical and methodological insights and findings to identify persistent misconceptions in the specific literature on ICTs and society. Technological deterministic views, the taken-for-granted image of technological designs, the prospective character of many studies that focus mainly on potential effects, a simplistic view of uses and users, and an uncritical distinction between the technical and the social, are discussed as some of the most remarkable theoretical flaws in the field.

Author Biography

Eduard Aibar, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Vice President, research

Professor at the Arts & Humanities Department

Theorizing ICTs & Society