Framing The Greek Memoranda (2010-2015): A Polarised yet Hollow Debate

  • Christos Kostopoulos University of Leicester
Keywords: framing, press and politics, democracy, Greece, memoranda


This study examines the contribution of media frames to democratic debate. Focusing on Greece, the article investigates how the press frames the Greek memoranda (2010-2015) and the contribution of these frames to the construction of democratic debate. Relying on an in-depth qualitative framing analysis of the coverage of the three memoranda and combining insights from framing theory and political economy, the major frames that shaped debates on the issue and the boundaries of discourse that they set are identified. The findings illustrate that, while the application of frames might differ across outlets, a rather uniform debate around the memoranda is promoted through the press. These results raise doubts about the performance of the media in the coverage of the most significant political issue in Greeceā€™s recent history, and reveal the silencing of alternative voices that could have challenged the dominant frames of the debate.