YouTube as Praxis? On BreadTube and the Digital Propagation of Socialist Thought

  • Dmitry Kuznetsov The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Milan Ismangil The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Keywords: digital, BreadTube, Reddit, digital socialism, affective media, Patreon, YouTube


In this paper we discuss the rise of BreadTube and what it means for the spread and normalization of socialist ideas online. We aim to focus on four major YouTube content creators – Contrapoints, Philosophy Tube, Shaun, and Hbomberguy – to outline how they construct their videos to entertain, inform, as well as debunk both alt-right and (economically) liberal talking points, helping to prevent potential radicalization of a mostly young audience who stand at a crossroads in their ideological development. Aside from examining the content of produces by the creators, we also hope to investigate the unique configuration of their platform use, emphasizing such elements as distributions, financing, and audience interaction.

Special Issue: Communicative Socialism/Digital Socialism