The Notion of Information

  • Manuel Campos Universitat de Barcelona
Keywords: Information, knowledge, content, correlation, fallibility


The term information has an obvious ordinary use: from information we obtain in our interaction with the world, we are capable of acquiring knowledge about it. Assuming a realist point of view, information thus interpreted (measurable in propositional terms) is acquired by the subject through inductive fallible processes based, in part, on the recognition of natural correlations. This approach to the notion of information has, however, as a counterpart, that it seems to render the notion redundant.

Author Biography

Manuel Campos, Universitat de Barcelona

Ph.D. in Philosophy by Stanford University.

Currently teaching at the Logic Dept. of Universitat de Barcelona.

Interested in Philosophy of Language and Communication, and Philosophy of Science.


Special Issue: What is Really Information? An Interdisciplinary Approach.