Vol 6, No 2 (2008)

Special issue: ICTs and Society - PhD Students’ Transdisciplinary Research Projects

Table of Contents


Introduction to the special issue on "ICTs and Society: PhD Students’ Transdisciplinary Research Projects" PDF
Christian Fuchs i-viii

Special issue: ICTs and Society-Network-PhD Consortium 2010

Online News Sites and Journalism 2.0: Reader Comments on Al Jazeera Arabic PDF
Muhammad M. Abdul-Mageed 59-76
The dawn of the information age in least developed countries (LDCs): lessons learned from four case studies PDF
Robert M. Bichler 77-87
Public participatory GIS in community-based disaster risk reduction PDF
Randall B. Kemp 88-104
ICTs in national and transnational mobilizations PDF
Alice Mattoni 105-124
Internet-driven changes in environmental NGO action PDF
Pedro Pereira Neto 125-133
Socio-epistemic analysis of scientific knowledge production in little science research PDF
Alberto Pepe 134-145

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