Why and How to Read Marx’s “Capital”? Reflections on Johan Fornäs’ Book “Capitalism. A Companion to Marx’s Economy Critique”.

Christian Fuchs


This paper is a reflection on Johan Fornäs' book “Capitalism. A Companion to Marx’s Economy Critique” - a new introduction to all three volumes of Karl Marx's "Capital". It contextualizes the book with the help a comparison to other contemporary introductions to Marx's "Capital". The reflection is organized in the form of 7 sections:
1) Context
2) Method and Logic of Presentation
3) The Logical and the Historical in Marx’s Works
4) From Karl to Adolf Marx in German Marxist Theory?
5) Visualization
6) Crises
7) Read this Book!


Karl Marx, Das Kapital Volumes 1/2/3, Capital Volumes 1/2,/3, Critique of Political Economy, Johan Fornäs, capitalism

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